Composite Wood Decking

  • Slip free
  • Hard wearing
  • Stain resistant

All with a 10 year warranty

Composite Wood Decking

  • Slip free
  • Hard wearing
  • Stain resistant

Need a little help making a choice?

Composite decking that's built to last

Grey Woodgrain
Composite Decking

Black Woodgrain
Composite Decking

Ash Woodgrain
Composite Decking

Brown Woodgrain Composite Decking

Why composite wood decking?

Make the most of your outdoor space with garden decking from the Composite Wood Shop. Our bespoke range of stunning decking supplies means that you’ll find everything you need to create a space for socialising, a play area for children or a private sun trap for relaxing. Garden Decking is the perfect finishing touch for any garden.

easy to install

Quick and easy to install

Installing composite wood decking is stress and hassle free. It's innovative fittings make it easier to connect than regular timber.

Less maintenance

It needs far less maintenance than regular wood so you can spend more time enjoying your garden, than working in it.

slip resistant

Slip resistant

Our decking has minimal water absorption which means it's slip resistant therefore ideal around swimming pools or ponds.

weather resistant

Rot and weather resistant

Come rain or shine, your decking won't suffer from the effects of extreme weather. No warping from excessive heat or mould/rot from persistent rain. Yep!

It's really cost effective

While initially it may be a little more expensive than regular wood decking, the largely reduced maintenance will ensure you recuperate your costs overall.

splinter free

Splinter proof

Your decking will never splinter. This is due to the granular construction, making it a safe option for families with young children.

Free delivery on every order

15 year warranty

10 year warranty on all decking

A little about us...

Our products are built for families and a dream for installers.

Homeowners, we want to make your garden the place your family goes to relax.

Our products are perfect for families of all ages. Slip-free, stain-resistant and low maintenance. Composite Wood Shop products are built to withstand hard wearing and harsh conditions.

Available in a variety of colours, it’s easy to provide a style that fits your design and lifestyle. Plus, there is no waiting for materials; we deliver UK wide within 48 hours.

The best composite decking is engineered to outlast the elements. Thanks to our shell technology, decking won’t warp, rot or split – even in rain, sun and snow. The seasons may come and go, but our warranties won’t.

A composite deck takes very little upkeep to maintain, in fact, there’s never any oiling, staining or sanding when you build with high-performance composite.

Our composite decking just needs a little soap and water to stay clean and look great year after year.